Many people who have been through the process still struggle with how to choose a lawyer. When you have a case date rapidly approaching, you can’t wait any longer. It also doesn’t help knowing how many options are available here in Pennsylvania. Plus, you often can’t tell their quality until you arrive in court.

As your trusted 24-hour bail bonds service, Blackman Bail Bonds hears this often. That is why we took the time to jot down this post for easier understanding.

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How to Choose a Lawyer Near Me

Some may believe that they are seeking a professional out for a job. However, as the one benefiting from their services, they take you on. Lawyers may agree you have a case but could think it’s not worth the effort. On the other hand, they may let ego get the best of them.

The first step of how to choose a lawyer is an initial consultation. When it doesn’t feel like a fit, it likely isn’t the right choice. Other attorneys may charge too much, or seem like they hide fees. If they don’t seem trustworthy, thank them for their time and find someone else.


Are They Experienced in Your Situation?

While any lawyer can technically defend any case, it must make sense. When they don’t have the right background or specialty for your needs, it can make matters worse. There is a long list of different fields that the law is tried in. From commercial contracts to civil disputes, there is a broad range they can service. It makes the most sense to hire a lawyer that specializes in the field you need representation for.

Professionals can practice the law in a variety of different fields, such as:

  • Bankruptcy LawBlackman Bail Bonds When And How to Choose a Lawyer
  • Consumer Financing
  • Contractual Law
  • Tax Attorney
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Securities Law
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Immigration Law
  • Environmental Attorneys
  • Family Law
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Personal Injury
  • And many other fields

One of the most important things to ask is what their area of expertise is in. Otherwise, they may prove to be little more than useless in front of a judge with your particular case.


What are Their Total Costs?

All lawyers charge a retainer fee, but how much is it, and what is the final outcome going to be? All too often, people find themselves shocked by their legal professional’s invoice.

Seeking out someone to represent you is an expensive ordeal, even outside the courtroom. If you’re sitting down to meet once a week, you can incur thousands in service fees. During your initial face-to-face meeting, they should offer an estimated final cost. While that most likely will go up, it should provide a ballpark idea for you to be able to budget.

If they can’t explain why they charge what they do, it’s likely too much. Instead, seek out a professional that is more forthcoming about their total costs with you.


How Large is Their Team?

In TV dramas, you usually see a small army of paralegals and assistants. In real life, however, many lawyers work alone or in small teams.

The good news is size doesn’t matter as much as a lawyer’s level of skill. Plenty of smaller firms offer much better service than larger companies can. On the other hand, they may not have as many resources at their disposal. As a result, they might not find it possible to pursue certain defenses.

Ask upfront about how many others will work alongside them during your case. If it seems like they are underprepared, you may need to seek an established firm.


Hire a Lawyer Quickly

While it’s an important decision, you can’t wait too long before hiring a lawyer. Otherwise, you will arrive at court unprepared for your defense. Step number one is being released from jail. When you can’t afford to post bail, contact us as your bail bond agent.

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