If you’re like many newly arrested people, you’ll start thinking about how you can get bail the moment the cell door slammed shut. Unfortunately, although a pre-trial release is a norm for many inmates, there are times when you won’t get bail. Read on for three reasons why your bail might be denied.


Why your bail might be denied

Before you start planning your welcome home dinner, you should know that it’s possible that you’ll live in custody until your case concludes. Three of the most common reasons that you won’t get bail includeBlackman Bail Bonds Why Bail Might Be Denied

  • The severity of charge – Pennsylvania doesn’t grant release on bail privileges to an individual charged with first-degree murder is not eligible for bail.
  • Danger to the community – If the judge decides that you are a danger to the community, you’re unlikely to see freedom unless you’re found not guilty at trial. 
  • Flight risk – The chances of getting bail are virtually non-existent if the judge believes that you might jump bail. The court looks at things such as if the charges are severe enough that you’ll want to avoid a conviction and whether you have the resources to flee Pennsylvania. Previous bail violations will make it hard to convince a judge that you’ll show up to all of your court hearings.

Your criminal defense attorney will work to convince the judge to grant you bail at your bail bond hearing. The good news is that experienced lawyers are experts at winning arguments and, unless you’re looking at a murder rap, there is a chance that you’ll walk out of jail on pre-trial release.


What if you can’t afford bail?

Although many defendants do receive the opportunity to post bond, the sad fact is that many of them can’t afford to get out of jail. Indeed, The Morning Call notes that Pennsylvania, along with just a few other states, tops the nation in the number of pre-trial people behind bars. A significant reason for this situation is that people can’t come up with enough money to pay for a bail bond.

Don’t lose hope if your bail amount exceeds your cash reserves. Blackman Bail Bonds specializes in helping people figure out how to post bond. Contact Steve Blackman for assistance in posting your bond money that you can say so long to jail.

Lastly, there are many reasons why your bail might be denied. Some of the most common causes include the criminal charges against you, danger to society, and the likelihood that you’ll do a runner. 

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