woman calling Licensed Bail Bond AgentOne of the worst phone calls one receives is from a loved one who has gotten arrested. However, the shock of their circumstance is likely not the part that stings the most.

Chances are, they need money to post bail and get out of jail, at least until their trial begins. What are you supposed to do when their amount is thousands or even tens of thousands?

Choosing a licensed bail bond agent is the safe and efficient way of helping you secure the funding you need. Going through a bonds agent will save you time, money, and make the process smoother.


Simple Loans & Repayments

To begin, a certified bail bonds agent will pay the total amount, with you paying them back with interest like a traditional loan. That means not having to come up with the total amount up front, giving you more time to cover costs.

Other unlicensed lenders will demand the amount in full, plus interest before you’ve had time to come up with any of it. That soon leads to severely punishing fees, forcing you into debt faster.


Trustworthy Lending

Bond agents will perform their duties much as you would expect from traditional lending institutions. Loan sharks, on the other hand, can and will tack on additional fees whenever they feel like it, and they expect their money back faster than you can come up with it.

Bond agents must act with integrity because if they violate their policies, they may get blacklisted from the state. That means being unable to continue their business.

Lenders who are less than ethical will hand you a stack of paperwork filled with confusing verbiage and vague repayment terms. They purposefully operate like this to keep you on the hook for more money paid back to them.


Faster Approvals with a Licensed Bail Bond Agent

When you go through any financial company for a personal loan, there is an extensive waiting period before they approve or deny your application. That could mean weeks or months of waiting, all while your loved one remains behind bars.

Instead, a bail bonds agent will provide immediate assistance. In addition to taking longer, if other loans aren’t for the correct amount, you’re looking at your family member remaining jailed over red tape.

When you need to know for sure that you’re going to post bail, it just makes sense to go with a certified, licensed bail bond agent.