What Is Pretrial Imprisonment and How You Can Avoid It

What is pretrial imprisonment? You’ll hear lots of confusing words when you get to jail, and it’s normal to feel like everyone around you is speaking a language that you don’t understand. Don’t worry because when you’re wondering “what is pretrial imprisonment?”, you can count on us for the answers.


What is pretrial imprisonment

Pretrial imprisonment means living behind bars until your criminal case concludes. Some defendants must stay in jail throughout their court case because of the laws in the State of Pennsylvania that deny any possibility of bail for some offenses. So, for example, you better try and get comfortable in your jail cell if the police think that you murdered someone.

Unfortunately, some defendants stay in custody because they can’t come up with enough money to post bond. Blackman Bail Bonds is here to make sure that you don’t join these unfortunate souls. We’ll help you post bond so that you can say goodbye to life behind a locked door.


Fast help is availableBlackman Bail Bonds What is Pretrial Imprisonment

Why would you want to spend one second more behind bars than necessary? Lucky for you, quick help is available through a bail bonds service. A top-notch bail bondsman specializes in helping you get out of jail as fast as possible. Start the release process on the right foot by contacting Steve Blackman with the following information.

  • What is the full name of the individual who needs bail?
  • Where is the person right now?
  • What are the charges?
  • What is the bail amount?


Avoid returning to pretrial imprisonment

Follow the terms of your release to the letter so that you can return to the comfort of your home after a tough day at court. Bail agreements differ but typical requirements include (1) staying away from felons, (2) remaining illegal substance-free, (3) going to work, and (4) remaining in the area. Always ask your attorney before you do something that you think might get you thrown back into jail.

Lastly, now you know the answer to “what is pretrial imprisonment?”. The happy news is that, for most people, it’s possible to keep time spent behind bars to a minimum by posting bond. Contact Blackman Bail Bonds for help in arranging a speedy end to your time in lock-up.