One of the hardest parts about leaving jail or prison is finding employment. However, many people wonder if pending charges show up on pre-employment background checks.

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Will My Pending Charges Show on Background Checks?

Unfortunately, even if your charges are pending, they can still appear on your background check. While you haven’t been convicted of a crime, it’s still a current legal proceeding. As a result, you will likely still be flagged from the overarching state database. While you may win your case, it doesn’t exactly help you with your job search today.

Even if you were wrongfully arrested, you might still need to explain yourself. Don’t allow what a computer screen says to decide if you get to work or not.


Why do Pending Charges Show Up on Pre-Employment Background Checks?

Some think the type of charge determines whether they show up on background checks. Unfortunately, once you’re fingerprinted, it’s in the system and on your record. By the time you’re charged and processed, potential employers can see your alleged crimes. Even with the sentencing in your favor, the damage is already done.

The best option you have is to speak with your attorney about your options. Otherwise, it could prevent you from finding employment.


Can Possible Employers Legally Deny Me a Job?

The legality of whether people can refuse to hire you or not gets tricky. On paper, they cannot immediately deny you a job, unless they have title-specific concerns. Someone facing recent charges of driving under the influence probably can’t get a delivery job. Or, if you committed a financial-based crime, a bank may not hire you.

While some employers should wait to see a final conviction, most can’t hold off. As a result, you’re passed by in favor of a candidate without a record.


Can Employers See Every Charge?Blackman Bail Bonds pending charges show up on pre employment background check

Many background checks are area-specific, and some charges reach multiple counties or cities. As a result, employers obtain as much information as they can about your recent history.

County criminal checks used to look up several areas at once. Even if you were arrested a few years ago somewhere else, they still might find out. Unfortunately, the best option is to be upfront and honest about their findings. You may discover that giving more details from the get-go helps your employment chances in the end.


Does Posting Bail Help?

Do pending charges show up on pre-employment background check? Unfortunately, posting bail won’t prevent pending charges from appearing on your record. However, it does allow you time and freedom to speak with a legal professional. They could possibly get your dropped charges cleared or expunged from your background checks. Even if it isn’t the only one, it still helps keep your name clean.

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