You swore up and down that, if your local bail bond company gets you released from jail, that you’re going to show up for your trial. However, now that the day is here, you wind up getting cold feet.

While you can decide that you’re going to avoid your court date, you don’t want to make that call. Not only is law enforcement going to look for you, but so will the bail bond company’s fugitive recovery agent.

These highly trained professionals do one job very well, and that is locating and arresting those who run. And when their company is on the hook for the entire bail amount for you skipping trial, they will be especially motivated to bring you in.


How Do They Find Me?bounty hunter using surveillance

Although bounty hunters are not police officers, they still have access to many of the same resources that cops have at their disposal. That includes background checks, criminal record files, and even surveillance footage.

Because most fugitive recovery professionals are under a strict deadline, they won’t hesitate to talk to your friends, loved ones, and coworkers. And they typically don’t need to secure a warrant before entering your property, they have no qualms about kicking in your door.


Who Hires Them?

Most bounty hunters operate in-house for bail bond agencies. However, many people don’t realize that they can get hired privately as well.

Many people that hire bounty hunters are the friends or family members that loaned out money to the defendant. Now that they have left them holding the bag, they’re ready to burn their bridges with them.

Fugitive Recovery Agent

What Can They Do?

Each state has specific regulations about how a bounty hunter can pursue a fugitive. Some regions don’t require any additional licensing, while other areas are far less lenient.

Typically speaking, a fugitive recovery agent will only arrest those who ran, and they remain concerned with getting their clients’ cash back. The easiest way to learn what a bounty hunter can do is by having one come after you.


Where Can I Hire One?

As a service provider, you’ll want to complete consumer research before hiring a fugitive recovery agent. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to choose the first provider you locate.

Be sure that they adhere to which fees they can legally charge you. Otherwise, you’ll only see yourself paying them more in the end.