Can you make phone calls from jail? No question being booked into prison is a lonely experience, and one of the first things you’ll want to do is to call home. Keep reading for everything that you need to know about placing phone calls from behind bars.

Phone call privileges in jail

Most likely, you can make phone calls from jail. You’ll learn the specific details about the rules regarding phone use once you arrive at your jail facility. Using a jailhouse phone is a privilege so you’d better behave if you want the pleasure of phone chats with friends and family from behind bars. 


Four things to know about calling from jail

Blackman Bail Bonds Can You Make Phone Calls From Jail

Phone next to window used by visitors

Now that you know that you can make phone calls from jail, it’s time to take a closer look at the topic. Let’s look at four of the essential things that you’ll need to know about making phone calls from behind bars.


  • #1: One way calls- Always keep in mind that you must make the phone call. It’s rarely possible for your loved ones on the outside to call you while you’re in jail. Once you arrive at the facility, you’ll get a PIN that you can give to your family so that they can set up your phone account.
  • #2: Outside payment- Jail calls aren’t free, and someone outside of the jail must arrange to pay for all of your phone calls. Have your loved one go to ConnectNetwork to set up an account. 
  • #3: Calling times- One of the things that you’ll quickly learn about life behind bars is that everything runs on a schedule. You’ll have specific times when you can use the phone. Make sure that your family knows when to expect your call so that you don’t miss each other.
  • #4: Short calls- Forget about long chats. The Dauphin County Prison, for example, limits inmate phone calls to no more than fifteen minutes. So, make every second count by thinking about what you want to tell your family before picking up the phone.


No private calls while you are in jail

Forget about making private personal phone calls. There’s a strong chance that the authorities will record your phone calls. What’s more, what you say over the phone might find its way to the prosecution and show up against you at trial. 

The Marshall Project gives some excellent advice in recommending that you not say anything on the phone that you wouldn’t want the prosecution and judge in your case to hear.

So, can you make phone calls from jail? The answer is usually yes as long as you have someone on the outside who will pay for the calls. The key to successfully using your phone privilege is to follow the rules and carefully monitor what you say while you’re on the phone.

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